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This is the other kart my mate picked up also supposed to be a zip

I cant find a chassis number on this one.

again any help identifying make model age would be appreciated.

and to push my luck, if anyone can ID these karts would like to know what they looked like coming out of the factory in their day as the karts came with buckets of spares and there are plastic rims, 3 piece rims with tubes, Dino stamped rims.

thks in advance


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thanks for the pics,

he wont be using them,

just thought it would be good to keep an original set with the kart he is restoring and the others can be sold with the chassis that is going to another home.



Tom Manley said:

These are the original Zip caliper and master cylinder. If you have them use at your own peril !

Hello, my karting is being restored.
He is like yours.
I just have it blasted by sandblasting.
It has been repainted in blue by powder coating.
According to connoisseurs this is a ZIP and certainly a Shadow.
There is no manufacturer's plate on the chassis.
Only the front wheels are marked with ZIP. The 4 wheels are assembled in 2 parts .
The engine is a PARILLA IAME TG14 that I need to repackage.
I have a problem with the high cylinder head which in compression no longer holds the candle.
The double segment piston has a height of 55 mm and a diameter of 51 mm (according to my caliper measurement). Someone had noted on the breech diameter 50.80 mm.
The rear brakes are mechanical and carry the SH184 mark.
I think it's SWISS HUTLESS.
The solid steel brake disc has a diameter of 210 mm and a thickness of 4 mm. Can not find the brake pads. The ring gear has a diameter of 230 mm and has 74 teeth.
The spacing of the teeth is different from the current toothed crowns.
The support of the crown is of standard size.
The disk carrier and the aluminum crown holder are in poor condition.

I miss the chain protection. I do not have the model or the dimensions to reproduce it.
The transmission bar has a diameter of 25 and a length of 976 mm.
It has 2 sides 2 grooves of 440 mm to introduce 6 mm keys. I can send photos or PDFs.




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