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At 11:35 on August 12, 2014, joshua hammond said…

Hey paul, I am 21 5'11 and weigh around 73kgs.

I am not looking to spend $3500 yet as I don't know if I will be 100% into it.

Looking to spend a bit less to get me started

At 19:43 on June 20, 2014, Toby Hopton said…

Hi paul, I will let you know first if the sale dosent go through, cheers

At 19:39 on January 30, 2014, michael micallef said…

hi paul,

that head temp sensor you pictured (the very first one), is that for sale.

thanks michael

At 20:53 on January 28, 2014, Ali Uluturk said…
nah sorry mate
At 9:28 on January 18, 2014, richard gagie said…

$517 transferred to you account this morning. Post in due course.

At 19:31 on May 14, 2013, Brian Cossor said…

thanks paul really happy with the result but is going to be hard to keep it up though. all thanks to your help at warwick

At 21:10 on April 18, 2013, Tony Williams said…

Hey Paul that's very good of you thank you, I'm building a private Kart track on my property and want two clubman button start karts for fun times, I have one already lined up, How much are you asking for your Kart? and do you have a picture?

regards Tony 

At 18:47 on March 6, 2013, Jack Talty said…

Hi Paul,

Sorry didnt get back to you earlier. What Comer do you have for sale?

Send me an email please. kartmad21@gmail.com

Regards Jack

At 20:16 on January 14, 2013, James woods said…
Thanks paul
At 17:27 on December 13, 2012, Anthony Gerra said…
Paul how much would postage to Melbourne?
At 20:17 on September 27, 2012, Philip Parkinson said…

Hi Paul,

I will have the Bridgestones. Give me a call on 0420800417 and we will work out payment etc. Thanks


At 17:45 on September 10, 2012, Craig Woodgate said…

Thanks Paul but 52 will be too big. Im really about a 48 so 50 was the biggest I was going to go. Cheers Craig

At 14:02 on August 10, 2012, robbie daniels said…

Hi paul  I was wondering if i could get u to give that axle and keyways to pete from kaos the next time u race as i need to prep our rookie kart for sale as dakoda has made weight to go to jnrs 

thanks robbie

At 19:40 on July 20, 2012, Robert Mortensen said…

hey paul

i will probly b v8ing next lol

my kart crash bar flew off and i lost all the fastening bits so i wont b allowd to race with cable ties lol.

hopefully geting my new seat put on next satday.

do u want to join me at the v8s? ill be rexxing on the way:)

At 13:36 on July 17, 2012, Ben Forrest said…
Got just make a offer on it mate it's got to go as I am moveing 
At 16:57 on February 14, 2012, Nick Dare said…
Hi Paul,
Thanks for the message. I am currently out west at the moment and as such dont have any phone reception. I has access to a computer so if you could send any pics or info that would be perfect.
Thanks in advance,
At 17:58 on September 19, 2011, Matt Hibble said…
Sorry mate the AX9 is sold...
At 15:32 on June 22, 2011, Col Fink (old account) said…

Hi Paul,


Sorry, I missed your message. You can get the ASMO from kracer.com.au for $40 bucks. We also sell a seat height tool on K-Racer too so you don't need to make one if you don't want to :)


Getting karts with loads of lead on to jack is difficult, but I would try:


Very narrow front end. 5mm spacers or none at all.

HEAPS of positive camber. Like, 6mm per side or more.

Lower front tyre pressures than the rear. If you're running the rears at 20psi for arguments sake, try running the fronts at 16.


See how you go with that.





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